Yoga for Men

Yoga is not something that has generally appealed to men over the past couple of decades as more and more women have been embracing it. However this has changed rapidly over the past 5yrs or so as men are realizing the incredible benefits

We often carry old injuries and tension in our shoulders, lower back and knees, which are extremely difficult to access and heal. Regular yoga practice helps to lengthen and strengthen these areas

Yoga for Men Beginner’s Course

┬áCommences Wed 31 May for 6 consecutive Wed 6pm – 7.15pm

If you’re still a little unsure whether yoga is for you or not, ┬áthis is the best way to try it out, with no obligation. It will give you a taste of the breadth and depth of yoga starting right from the very beginning, in a non-competitive environment

Please be sure to register first: Martin 04 32 33 9195

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