Learn how to Meditate Course

7 weeks commencing Monday May 14th – $70

Meditation techniques are relatively simple, but to actually be ‘in’ meditation is possibly one of the most difficult challenges for anyone to accomplish

This new course will teach everything you need to embark on a lifetime journey of becoming more centred, calmer, less stressed, less attached to drama, conflict and material accumulation and more connected to the sacred source of Existence, unlimited spaciousness and joy

7 Monday evenings from 5.30pm – 6.30pm, commencing Mon 14th May

and completing Mon 25th June.

All equip or props such as cushions, blankets, chairs etc are provided (NB. you do NOT need to sit cross-legged in a yoga position in order to meditate)


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7-week Beginners Course commencing Wed May 23rd

So many men carry old sports or work-related injuries that have never been dealt with properly and they are still limiting a full, healthy lifestyle or range of motion. Yoga doesn’t necessarily fix or cure these long-term injuries, but the change in flexibility and range of motion is significant

  Others have bought in to the belief that men just aren’t built for flexibility and so don’t even bother with it. It is true that a man’s physique is more designed for strength, a woman’s flexibility is different and has a different purpose. What men tend to forget or overlook is that strength and resilience is compromised by lack of flexibility and both are needed to fully engage with life

But by far the most important aspect of learning Yoga is the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. It is a complete health-care system, leading to a calmer, more balanced way of being and responding to life

Ki, Chi, Prana, or whatever word you want to use for life-force can be interpreted as your vitality, or your enthusiasm for life and this is what yoga develops

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Total Course fee is $90 and includes a Beginners Manual & the use of mats and all other props

Enq. via Contact page or call Sensei Martin 04 32 33 9195