Sudhama is a Sanskrit name which means ‘humility’. It was given to me by my Yoga teachers to signify my commitment and devotion to the spiritual path

Historically, Sudhama was a boyhood friend of Krishna, they grew up together as devotees in the forest Ashram of Guru Sandipani. Later, as adults, Sudhama became a devotee of Krishna and spent his whole life in devotion to his friend, who of course was to became the famous Lord Krishna as related in the Bhagavad Gita

One of the well-known stories of Sudhama is when he went on a long and difficult pilgrimage to visit his old friend to finally ask for help and relief from wash feethis material poverty. But he was so overjoyed and ecstatic at seeing his Lord that he completely forgot to ask

But Lord Krishna, of course, knew. And when he arrived back home, his poor hut had been transformed into a mansion, his wife and children were dressed in silk and he never had to worry about material possessions again

He converted one of the many rooms of his new mansion into a meditation room and carried on as before, spending every waking hour in deep love and devotion to God


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