The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature—which is described as peace, happiness, and bliss. But as anyone who has tried to meditate knows, the mind itself is the biggest obstacle standing between ourselves and this awareness. The mind is undisciplined and unruly, and it resists any attempts to discipline it or to guide it on a particular path. ‘The mind has a mind of its own’. That is why many people sit for meditation and experience only fantasies, daydreams, or hallucinations. They never attain the stillness that distinguishes the genuine experience of deep meditation.

And so here at the AikiYoga Studio, we specialise in a more active way of letting go into those deeper experiences, to loosen and release tension stored in the emotional and mental bodies as well as the physical body, so that silence is more accessible.  The meditations are in stages and the first 2 or 3 are movement and breath-based, accompanied and supported by the use of music.

The final stage is deep inner silence, from 15 – 30min. Participants may sit cross-legged yoga-style, in a chair, or propped against the wall with support for the spine and knees.

All meditations are $5 or by donation

Tues 5.30pm – 6.30pm:  Active Meditation

Fri 6 – 7am:  Silent Meditation  

Sat 7 – 8am:  Active Meditation

Sat 5 – 6pm:   Kundalini Meditation: 

The depth of the peacefulness (Shanti) that is experienced in these meditations increases rapidly with regular and consistent practice and begins to effect and flow into every aspect of daily life

“Meditation means to be in non-doing. Meditation is not a doing but a state of being. It is a state of being in one’s own self.”

“Mind is the absence of meditation. The moment meditation arises in you, mind is found nowhere.”


Detailed descriptions:

Active: 1. gentle whole-body shaking, with music //2. Sufi 4-directions movement with music //3. standing, with music //4. silent sitting 30min

Kundalini: //1. gentle whole-body shaking, with music//2. dance spontaneous movement with music //3. silent sitting, with music 15min  //4. lying down in silence – total relaxation 20min (or remain seated)

Silent Meditation: //1. sequential energization exercises //2. inspirational reading //3. mantra //4. silent sitting 45min