Tues:   5.30pm – 6.45pm All levels

Wed:   5.30pm  – 6.45pm Men’s Class 

Thurs: Yin/Restorative Class 5.30pm – 6.30pm followed by optional    20min meditation

Sat:  8.00am – 9.30am Beginners/Basic class

Classes begin with a short invocation, settling and breathing to bring yourself completely here and now. Then we move into warm-ups and basic or lighter poses, extending into deeper and standing variations. The standing asana are consolidated with balance poses and create an opening for the sitting poses to begin. And they in turn evolve into the supine or lying down asana.

Each ‘set’ of asana takes you deeper and deeper into your strength and flexibility, as well as your ability to let go of tensions, negatives and anything that holds you back in life. But more importantly it takes you into your own awareness of self and connection to something greater, the higher Self, or Divine Creator. This is perceived by an increasing sense of heartfelt intuition, inner peace and letting go of judgement

Near the end of the class there is a 5 – 8min relaxation, to allow all the changes that have occurred to go as deep as possible and settle into the mind/body system via the spine. And finally we finish with a few minutes of pranayama (breathing exercise) and brief meditation

Purchase 4 class pass - $55  Purchase 10 class pass - $120