Namaste and welcome to the AikiYoga website

AikiYoga is derived from the Radiant Light Yoga tradition, which in turn comes from the Raja, Ashtanga and Iyengar schools. Aiki is a Japanese word which means ‘harmony with the Universe’ and the name reflects the deep sense of  inner harmony and integration with the world you can achieve by regular practice.

I have not wanted to wander too far from the heart-opening, life-changing form that is taught at the Radiant Light Yoga Temple in Kiamba, just outside of Nambour on the Sunshine Coast QLD. I have also been a student of Aikido (a non-aggressive, Japanese martial art) for some 25-plus years and an instructor for the past 20yrs. It seemed to me that the principles of Aikido have a lot to offer in the learning and practical application of yoga to life. So I began integrating into the yoga classes some of the exercises and techniques from Aikido that are used to help develop, ground, redirect and extend our energy (Prana, Ki, Chi)

So, in addition to the usual body, mind and heart health, strength and flexibility benefits that traditional yoga has to offer, as a student of AikiYoga you will come to recognise very quickly what inner energy feels like and how it can be used to feel more centred, calm and balanced in day to day life. Once you have a clear, embodied sense of that groundedness, then the Heart and Spiritual centres can begin to open and develop in a practical, compassionate way, leading to more empathy, sensitivity, a sense of non-attachment (or not having to feel responsible for everything all the time), along with a highly developed sense of intuition and connection to your role in the whole of Existence